Download here the patches for opencart 2.2

Report a missing Fix Opencart 2.2

If you want to report a missing patch/fix you can contact us. Please, remember to specify: problem/bug, fix, Opencart Version and any other useful things.

Fixes for Opencart 2.2

  • Fix for the admin Customers
    syntax error on line 1105 in /admin/controller/customer/customer.php
  • Fix for the admin Address
    syntax error on line 522 in /catalog/controller/account/address.php
  • Fix for all the images that are unexpectedly showing. admin/view/javascript/common.js
  • Fix for chart in the admin area. admin/view/template/dashboard/chart.tpl
  • Fix for the api form. admin/view/template/user/api_form.tpl
  • Fix for the installation of opencart 2.2. install/view/template/common/common_left.tpl
  • Fix for the filemanager. Fix the image opening after the swithing to the second page of the file manager. Fix the upload of multiple files. Other fixes taken from Opencart 2.3
  • Fix #4170 the wrong success message in the compare page
  • Fix Pagination

Fix Vqmod on Opencart 2.2

If you use vqmod, make sure that you already have the latest version (Minimum version 2.6.1>) of vqmod for opencart otherwise you will face problems.


Opencart patches are freely available thanks to Benevento Informatica

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Those are the most important patches that we add without breaking the functionalities of that specific version of Opencart. We cannot guarantee anything at all. We cannot be responsible of anything. Those scripts/patches are opensource and freely available.


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